Clothesline Rules.

The Clothesline Exhibit consists of 8 different pages/categories:

Category 1: U.S. - Any Stamp, set or Album page, cover or philatelic item:

Category 2: Page of Varieties of a single issue any country

Category 3: Like category 1, but any foreign country

Category 4: Page of any Topical Issue

Category 5: Any unusual cover or cover with unusual cancel

Category 6: Any “Cinderella” item or page of related items: seals, labels

Category 7: Any Revenue Stamp or page of related revenues

Category 8: An unusual picture postcard


The entry for a category consists of 1 page of a stamp or group of stamps.

Each member may submit one entry per category.

A prior year’s winning page cannot be re-entered in another Clothesline Exhibit.


There will be only one winner per category.

Each category has a prize of $5 plus $1 for each entry

(If a category has 8 entries, then the winner’s prize is $13..)


For your protection, any page or item cannot have a catalogue value of more than $200.

Please put your member number on your page and put the page in a clear page protector. (Pages will be taped to the walls for voting.)