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Articles about the club or it's members:
Linn's Stamp News: November, 1997  Glen Ellyn: Rip-roaring stamp show for kids
Global Stamp News: November, 1997 Survey on Promoting Youth Philately
Daily Herald: February, 1998 Putting Their Stamp on Hobby
Glen Ellyn Press: November, 1998 Youth Article
Linn's Stamp News: June, 2000 Glen Ellyn kid's show is another big success
The Beacon News: September, 2002 Postage Paid (also appeared in the Sun, Glen Ellyn, September 2002)
Letter from the American Philatelic Society Acknowledging Match Factory Gift 2001
Linn's Stamp News: April, 2003 'Suburban Stamp Club Receives Cover Story"
Glen Ellyn Sun: November 14, 2003 James W. Canon
APS Chapter Activities Newsletter, Summer 2004, Page 7  Glen Ellyn Philatelic Club's Program Ideas, By Al  Dlhy
Daily Herald:  April 25, 2005, 
Stamp Club Still Sticks Together
Letter from The Downers Grove Area Youth Collectors  Thank You
Picture from the 2005 Halloween party
Letter from the American Philatelic Society Acknowledging Match Factory Gift 2005
President's trip to American Philatelic Society Match Factory Open House
Glen Ellyn News: March 16, 2006 "Club gets the stamp of approval"
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Glen Ellyn Philatelic Achievement Award Winners
Award given to recognize a particular member
for advancing the club's objectives.
Anne Roeters
Ray and Esther Paice
Rose VanReken
Jim Ashby
Bob Thomas
Michael Jackson
Dave McMurtrie
Jerry Miller
Stephen Munier

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Founding Members 1937
Theo N. Bos
W. Lee Fergus
Frank R. Hayworth
A. G. Norment
Rollin C. Huggins

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